Here is a selected overview of my recent writing projects and activities. For my scientific publications, see Research

Articles (English and Dutch)

“Taking stock of cosmic rays in the solar system”: Eos (article)

“Metal-poor stars shed light on the origin of gold”: Sky & Telescope (article)

“The Hubble Space Telescope as cosmic-ray detector”: Sky & Telescope (article)

“Triple star recipe for supersized stellar-mass black holes”: Astronomy Magazine (article)

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“Mapping the Universe with the largest optical telescope in the world”: published in Amsterdam Science (article)

“Gammaflitsen: van enigma naar begrip”: Zenit

Co-writing content for ELT/MOSAIC webpage

Articles (Slovenian)

I regularly write about science for the newspaper Delo, science web portal Kvarkadabra, and astronomy-focused web page Portal v vesolje. Here are just a few examples.

“Bliski v Arktičnem ledu”: published at Portal v Vesolje; about IceCube

“Zvezde ali zveze, je zdaj vprašanje”: published in Delo Znanost; about the effect of Starlink on astronomy, read more here for an English explanation

“Je življenje tudi drugod našlo pot”: published in Delo Znanost; where and how do astronomers search for life in space?

“Poljub gravitacije”: published at Kvarkadabra; about the sociological implications of the discovery of gravitational waves

“Barve na astronomskih slikah”: published at Kvarkadabra; about colors on astronomical images

“Čisto na kratko o raketah”: published at Portal v Vesolje; basic principles of rockets

“LIGO je odprl naše oči”: published at Metina lista; about the first direct detection of gravitational waves

Slovenian word of the day

If you’re interested in learning Slovenian, you may want to check Slovenian word of the day, my small personal project. Once per weekyeah, the original once-per-day idea turned out to be a bit too ambitiousI write a blog post in which I discuss a random Slovenian word. With the project I wish to fill the gap in the teaching resources of Slovenian language. I focus on learners who already know the basics and want to move to the next level. An important feature of my blog posts are audio recordings of Slovenian sentences. The site also has a collection of links to other resources.

Gugi in Wonderland (children's book)

Small, furry creatures live on Earth unbeknownst to humans. That is, until one of the creatures by the name of Gugi decides to show herself and explore The Netherlands. Through a number of short stories we follow Gugi on her journey.

I wrote the book together with Sarah Brands, half seriously and half as a joke, for my friends. We self-published the book in 2019 and only five copies exist. I attach a cover and one of the stories as an example. This was a slightly crazy, but surprisingly enjoyable project.