Here is a selected overview of my recent writing projects and activities.


“Jacqueline Campbell: Studying Oceans From Above”: Eos (article, 25. 7. 2022)

“Galaxy Mapper Tracks Asteroids Closer to Home”: Eos (article, 14. 7. 2022)

“Giant Planet’s Formation Caught in Action”: Eos (article, 11. 4. 2022)

“Icy Worlds Have Mixed Ice-Rock Interiors”: Eos (article, 23. 2. 2022)

“How Much Did the Moon Heat Young Earth”: Eos (article, 11. 1. 2022)

“Noble Gas Hints at Mars’s rapid formation”: Eos (article, 18. 10. 2021)

“Astronomers for Planet Earth”: Eos (article, 19. 7. 2021)

“Taking stock of cosmic rays in the solar system”: Eos (article, 5. 5. 2021)

Sky & Telescope

“This Triplet of Stars Was Once a Quartet”: Sky & Telescope (article, 4. 7. 2022)

“Where Did the Ice Giant Planets Form?”: Sky & Telescope (article, 29. 3. 2022)

“Supermassive Black Hole Behind a Ring of Dust”: Sky & Telescope (article, 16. 2. 2022)

“Astonishing Radio View of the Milky Way’s Heart”: Sky & Telescope (article, 3. 2. 2022)

“Cosmic Explosions Hunters”: Sky & Telescope Magazine (featured article, Dec 2021)

“Close Companions Help Stars Make More Carbon”: Sky & Telescope (article, 3. 11. 2021)

“Misfit Meteorite Sheds Light on Solar System History”: Sky & Telescope (article, 21. 9. 2021)

“How Often Do Chicxulub-level Asteroids Hit Earth?”: Sky & Telescope (article, 23. 7. 2021)

“Metal-poor stars shed light on the origin of gold”: Sky & Telescope (article, 2. 6. 2021)

“The Hubble Space Telescope as cosmic-ray detector”: Sky & Telescope (article, 5. 5. 2021)

Astronomy Magazine

“Understanding the origins of ORCs, odd radio circles”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 6. 5. 2022)

“How the GOODS fields expanded our cosmic boundaries”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 22. 12. 2021)

“Exoplanets with topsy-turvy orbits found around inconspicuous star”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 24. 11. 2021)

“How astronomers probe the Sun’s explosive past”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 26. 10. 2021)

“Astronomers get a 3D look at nearby stellar nurseries”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 14. 10. 2021)

“A deluge of blinking lights is changing how astronomers work”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 29. 7. 2021)

“Triple star recipe for supersized stellar-mass black holes”: Astronomy Magazine (article, 2. 3. 2021)


“Mapping the Universe with the largest optical telescope in the world”: published in Amsterdam Science (article, Sep 2020)

“Gammaflitsen: van enigma naar begrip”: Zenit (Jul 2020)

Articles (Slovenian)

I regularly write about science for the newspaper Delo, science web portal Kvarkadabra, and astronomy-focused web page Portal v vesolje. Here are just a few examples.

“Bliski v Arktičnem ledu”: published at Portal v Vesolje; about IceCube

“Zvezde ali zveze, je zdaj vprašanje”: published in Delo Znanost; about the effect of Starlink on astronomy, read more here for an English explanation

“Je življenje tudi drugod našlo pot”: published in Delo Znanost; where and how do astronomers search for life in space?

“Poljub gravitacije”: published at Kvarkadabra; about the sociological implications of the discovery of gravitational waves

“Barve na astronomskih slikah”: published at Kvarkadabra; about colors on astronomical images

“Čisto na kratko o raketah”: published at Portal v Vesolje; basic principles of rockets

“LIGO je odprl naše oči”: published at Metina lista; about the first direct detection of gravitational waves